Hellooo lovelies ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I have a confession to make … In an earlier post I have written about hair extensions and how amazing they are (they were in the beginning!) but later on I have realised that they require more attention and intensive care than I thought.

I am working out 4 to 5 times a week and therefore need to wash my hair quite often. We all know that hair in general doesn’t like to be washed so much and extensions do even less! So what happened is, that after a while that my roots started matting (what a nightmare!) even though I avoided putting shampoo directly on the extensions and took really good care of them, separated the single strands every evening etc. So, after only a few weeks I still ended up with a small block of matted hair in the back of my head and decided to take them out. Yep, I thought the same “what a waste of money and time”. Never again.

At least now I know that Keratin extensions are not for me and luckily I found another solution for the days where I crave long, sexy hair – clip-in extensions!

After checking a few pages on Insta I found an amazing clip-in hair extensions brand called Milk + Blush (website & shop link here, Insta here!) and asked them for a collaboration. And they agreed – yay! I was so happy and their service was amazing!

They told me which length I should go for, which colour would match mine best and their shipping was ultra quick!

They also have many helpful videos on their Youtube Channel on how to chose the right colour, length and of course how to put in your clip-ins, as well as some beautiful hair styling tutorials. I like!

I went for the color “Oh my Gwen Stefani” and it was a 99% match. Lucky me!

I also asked Milk + Blush if I can dye or tone the hair as I tend to change my hair colour a lot and they assured me that it’s no problem. For me a huge proof that their quality must be good!

Pro tip: When you’re looking for hair extensions always look for the words ‘Remy’ and ‘100 % real human hair’ and make sure it’s not a synthetic fake or a mix of both – they won’t last long. Only human hair extensions such as the ones from Milk + Blush can be styled with heat and coloured without any problem.

I can really recommend Milk + Blush as a brand due to their quality and service. I am more than happy with the hair and how easy it was to change the colour and to style them. So If you are also looking for a gorgeous mane at an affordable price, check out their page!

So here they are before toning them:

They come in a cute box with an extra strand for you to check if the colour is the right one in case you need to exchange them

Here the unpacked ones! I can’t believe how flawless they are and so shiny!!

PS: These pictures are unedited so you can see how the extensions really look.

While Toning:

Here the beautiful mess while toning the extensions to match them with my currently grey hair.

Here’s the final result:

Aren’t they just beautiful? I am in love!

Thanks so much to Milk + Blush for this amazing opportunity and I hope you like the pictures as much as I do <3

xx Sasa